Single sign-on is using the wrong account!


District provides multiple account types under Microsoft Entra (Single sign-on provider).  If you happen to be signed in to a non account, the single sign-on process can sometimes pick the wrong account to log you in.  You will receive an error message saying 'Your selected account does not match ''.


  1. You sign-in to a Phoenix College web application and receive an error message similar to what is shown in the image below (Your selected account does not match ''.  You provided '').Example login screen with error message
  2. To resolve this error, you need to log out the account that is blocking you from using your account. 
  • Click the "Logout endpoint" link (circled in green in the image above). 
  • Click the "Login to Maricopa Community Colleges" button and select the correct account.

You're in!

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