Adding Shared Phoenix College Email Address to your Employee Email


How to add a shared Phoenix College email to your inbox to be able to send from that address. For example, some employees work fo other Maricopa Colleges, an employee can have multiple emails in their email to be able to send/receive emails. 


To add your Phoenix College email address through your employee email settings, follow these steps: 

1) Log into your email, go to your settings by clicking on the gear on the top right area in your employee email, and click "see all settings":



2) Then click on "Account" tab, go to the "Send Mail As" section and see if your Phoenix College email is there:



3) IF your Phoenix College email is not in this section, then click on "Add another email address". A pop up window should come up:


4) Add your Phoenix College email address and click the "next step". It should add the Phoenix College email in this section. 


In the "Send Mail As" section in settings, you can make your Phoenix College email become the default one to send out once it's added. Also, when you compose an email, you can switch between your different emails by clicking on the drop down arrow in the "From" section in the new composed email in case you want to send out as a different email address.

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