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Services or Offerings?

Canvas support is available for all employees (faculty and staff). The CTL handles tickets student-escalated tickets. When contacting us, please include your MEID, 5-digit course section number, and as many details as possible about the problem or help you need (e.g., the name and location of the assignment).

Requests for carpentry services on campus, such as cabinetry, furniture, and door repairs.

Issues and requests related to carts and vehicles on campus, including maintenance, damage, or other functional problems.

At the CTL, we provide a place for the campus community to explore, connect, and create. We invite you to learn something new, solve an instructional problem, or converse with us via our consultation services.

Instructional Technology/Multimedia
Instructional Design
Online Teaching
Special Projects

Requests for custodial services, such as cleaning a space or removing trash.

Request to create a new dashboard or modify an existing dashboard

Ad hoc requests for data, reports, or data analysis

Request access or changes to doors with badge-enabled access.