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Accessing Kiosk Mode on a Chromebook (PCPA)

Steps for accesing Kiosk mode for PCPA student state testing.

Accessing Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Guide on how to access azure dev tools like Microsoft Project, SQL, Visual Studio, etc.

Clearing Browser Cache - Chrome

Steps for clearing browser cache in Google Chrome.

Clearing Browser Cache - Firefox

Steps for clearing browser cache in Mozilla Firefox.

Connecting to Global Protect VPN

This is for employees who need to do remote work to connect to the school's network to access their drives.

Enable Google Profile Sync

Steps to syng your Google Profile when logging into a new or different computer.

Enable Sync in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Instructions on signing into common web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox and enabling sync. Sync will allow you to share history, bookmarks, etc. across devices.

MatLab for Home Use

Steps for creating an account and installing MatLab for use at home.

Set Up A Grammarly Account

Steps to download and use the Grammarly AI tool while they are actively affiliated with PC.

Sign In to Adobe Creative Cloud (Windows)

Procedure for signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud App.

Software Center Is Not Working

Steps to manually update computer policy if the Software Center is not working or the computer is not getting updates.

Using Self-Service to install applications on a Mac

Steps for using self-service to install avaliable applications on a Mac.

Using Software Center to Install Applications on a PC

Software Center is used to install software on Phoenix College-owned, Windows-based computers. This is only available to Phoenix College faculty, staff, and students on college-owned devices.